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She agreed only because she needed some money for her car since she was fifteen and turning sixteen in a month mr and mrs martins were going on an anniversary trip to the bahamas they said only needed to babysit from two to ten their grandparents were babysitting them in the morning and she would arrive and babysit them until they went to bed but the part that caught her ear was that they would pay fifty dollars a day she quickly agreed and said she would be there at one thirty just giving her some time to masturbate she slowly led her hand down to her shorts then unbuttoned her short so her hand had some room to play around she crescendoed her rhythm finally she let out a yelp and moaned as she reached her orgasm she was the most beautiful girl in school with her streaked blond hair her tall lean sexy body her breasts which were the star of the show well at least according to the guys half of whom shed had sex with she quickly stuffed a play boy magazine in her purse so she could stay entertained during her long stay she walked across the street dreading the long afternoon babysitting two little boys probably six and four years old she walked up the steps and looked at the two story building feeling an urge to leave she was about to when an elderly woman answered the door
“Hi you must be Jen well we will be on our way”
“Yep thats me” Jen answered
“Anyways pizza is in the fridge they go to bed at ten”
“How old are they?” Jen asked
“You don't know they are thirteen and twelve” instantly Jen got excited they were entering their “horny” years she could actually have some fun
“Anything else?”
“Nope” Jen answered
“Great thanks again my husband is waiting in the car” with that the car drove away Jen entered the house
“Brady Braden!” Jen called she heard footsteps as two boys ran down the stairs the first was 5'0 with wavy blond hair and a really cute ass the second one made Jens heart skip a beat he was about 5'4 perfectly tanned with brown hair done to his eyes he looked like he had just begun puberty yet his face had no blemish on it he was really “hot”
“Hi I'm Jen I'm going to babysit you this week so yah”
“I'm Braden said the blond kid”
“And I am Brady” said the older one
“Hi guys so what do you want to do?”
“Can we play tag” said Braden
” Sure” replied Jen
“I don't want to”said Brady Jen noticed his voice was about to crack
“The perfect age” she said to herself as she followed Braden outside while Brady ran up the stairs she and Braden played half an hour of tag which was actually fun especially watching his cute ass as he ran
“Tag! Your it” yelled Braden Jen laughed and ran after him watching his ass she imagined what it would look like she wasn't paying attention and tripped on stump she looked to see the playboy magazine land in front of Braden
” Braden! don't touch it” but it was to late Braden was running up into his huge treehouse Jen ran after him not sure what would happen he could tell his grandparents and she wouldn't be allowed back in this house she climbed up the ladder to try to stop Braden she then realized it was to late as she saw two twelve year old eyes staring at the magazine eagerly flipping through it
“Are yours like this?” he asked showing her a picture of a naked woman with huge boobs
“No!” Screamed Jen she then calmed down and saw her opportunity
“Every girl is different”
“What are yours like” asked Braden as he stared at her breasts to Braden's surprise and excitement Jen agreed to show him hoping to convince the boy to do his part
“Braden i'll show you my boobs if I can feel your ass”
“Sure” stammered Braden full of excitement
“I'll go first” said Jen she stood took a deep breath and took of her shirt in the most sexy way possible soon she was standing in front of Braden wearing only a bra she took a deep breath and took it off her breasts exposed in front of a horny twelve year old boy
“Can I touch them?” Braden croaked
” of course” responded Jen Braden shuffled over his ruffled blonde hair illuminated in the sun he reached out his hand and squished her breast satisfied with the result he started playing with them Jen moaned as Braden kissed her nipple
“Braden play with it” Braden gladly obeyed and used his tongue to harden Jen's nipple flipping it up an down his hands massaged Jen's stomach
“Okay Braden now it's my turn” Braden undid his fly and turned around
“Are you ready?” Jen asked
“Of course!” Braden answered Jen slowly slid Braden's pants down to his ankles she slid her hands down his smooth thighs and legs she grabbed the rim of his boxers
“This feels so good Jen”
“It will get better”
With that she pulled off his boxers she stuck her hands down her pants and started rubbing her pussy as his smooth sexy ass came into existence she started rubbing his ass amazed at how soft it was she could see the bottom of his testicles
“Jen this is amazing”Braden panted
He then smiled as he thought of a plan to greater his experience
“Jen my penis is hard” Braden said hoping desperately it would work
“What do you want me to do?” Jen asked also hoping for more action
“Please give me a blow job” Braden said hoping it would work for he was extremely horny he had dreams about doing this
“Yes please” Jen answered Braden excitedly spun around showing Jen his hairless cock it was fully erected
“oh my goodness that is awesome” Jen said
“First you need to be naked” Braden said eagerly his cock getting harder every second
“You to” replied Jen
“You first” Braden confidently said excited it was working
Jen stood up and pulled down her pants Braden stared at her shaved pussy
“My turn” Braden said taking off her shirt he then hugged Jen as the two bodies came together
“Suck my penis now” Braden said Jen eagerly plunged it into her mouth
“Oh my goodness this feels amazing squeaked Braden Jen sped up determined to give him an amazing blow job her tongue played with the head of Braden's cock while her hands massaged his smooth ass
“Oh yes!” Braden yelled Jen sped up as Braden moaned his hands started playing with her breasts
“I am almost” yelled Braden
“Ohhh” he moaned as he reached his orgasm cum sprayed in Jen's mouth
Jen happily swallowed it
“Do you want to make me feel good”
“Of course” stammered Braden
“Here” Ken said grabbing Braden's hand and bringing it down to her pussy Braden knew what to do he massaged her pussy determined to make Jen have a great orgasm
” your my favourite babysitter ever”
Braden said while massaging Jen's pussy
“This is going to be a great week”
Braden nodded in agreement
“oh fuck” Jen said as Braden sped up his index finger
” It's coming” whined Jen to Braden's joy she jolted and shuttered raising Young Libertines – Sex. Her pussy to give Braden a great look at it lying on the ground Jen lay already planning for the week ahead

Like for part 2:Jen and Brady
Porncucumber - [Premiums X] Vince Karter doing Toes Locking with Miss Tanuki San is very Happy Want To Die At The Car Park 1

Porncucumber – [Premiums X] Vince Karter doing Toes Locking with Miss Tanuki San is very Happy Want To Die At The Car Park

“So you're not on the pill?” Alexis continued her interrogation, It's a lot easier to take them apart than to put them together, and with a little instruction from Kayla the girls did all the work….

Porncucumber - [Premiums X] Vince Karter doing Toes Locking with Miss Tanuki San is very Happy Want To Die At The Car Park 2

Porncucumber – [Premiums X] Vince Karter doing Toes Locking with Miss Tanuki San is very Happy Want To Die At The Car Park

So there we were, grinning away like idiots at each other, until we simultaneously looked away bashfully, Click here. Never in the day

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